we are scaryridge creative house, an adult-aimed (18+) game design studio. we tackle a lot of controversial subjects: drug use, sex work, consent, autonomy, queer studies, suicide and death, climate change, socialism and capitalism, anarchy, politics, cult psychology, and more. while we believe these are important subjects for everyone, our games are not a platform for educating minors, and we respect those boundaries.

our DESIGN blog discusses game mechanics, inspirations, and progress made on our projects. these posts can also be found on our PATREON, along with patron-only content, such as behind-the-scenes development, sketches, and early-release content. patron-only content may also be viewed here, by logging in.

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an episodic, cooperative, queer-punk urban fantasy tabletop adventure set in seattle’s capitol hill neighborhood after the sudden, localized appearance of magic. as always, with magic comes trouble – broken faerie pacts, the machinations of long-hibernating vampires, bruce lee’s ghost – the usual fare, really.

going live wednesday, 2/12, at 9am pst! check it out by clicking the image above or here!

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