the chariot, pulled east and west, manifests no destiny. only by turning one wheel, all together, do we drive our fortune forward.

magic is a chimeric force, drawing the disparate into one. this is the essence of creation, binding of opposites into a gestalt, every problem containing its own solution. together, we are greater. 

the children of the chariot descend from sphinx, and those wise enough to seek answers to life’s riddles within the riddle of life itself. to speak with nature, to give in to instinct, is to be true to the world. we are all half of two things. 

not always accepted, even while human in daylight, straywalkers keep to the shadows and the alleys. they know the secret passages of the land like the back of their paw.

their solo campaign turns inward, as straywalkers share a dreamscape with many inner selves, exploring: duality; identity; mental health; social sciences; non-human consciousness and intelligence. 

straywalkers are unique, possessing both a human form and, at nightfall, a cat form, their aspect of the dream. these dual-selves see and smell the world differently but are cunning and can learn to work together.

players who believe in the conscious macrocosm of all life are likely already straywalkers at heart. guided to mastery, they will bring balance to the scales of justice.

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