some of us are suns, giving warmth, while others, moons, reflect beauty. but the stars? they burn and burn out, so to be dreamed of forever.

we learn to sing before we talk, dance before we learn to walk. there are strings guiding our movements, waiting to be strummed by musical magicians, or magical muses. and when the melody is true, it can never be unheard.

a star of stage and screen knows their line, their cue, their moves, and their audience. they throw their voice as well as their inner light, and tend to be the center of attention. now, thanks to magic, they always are.

no matter the venue at which they perform, they give their art over to love. but remember, players only love you when they’re playing.

their character arc looks at many taboo subjects through the lens of bodily autonomy, but this is a dark world: sex work; pornography; recreational substances; altered states; overdoses; music; fame and infamy. art is eternal, but human.

players channel limitless charm into props and guises, bending reality in line with their imaginations. cloaked in the aspect of the passion, they can convince anyone of anything. 

those who understand that all art is sex will likely find an alignment with the stars. as they ascend to mastery, they will speak words of truth and power to the people, to the world, and to the cosmos.

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