they who hold the card with no name play against a stacked deck: ace of spades up their sleeve; their other hand, in hand with death.  

of the many incarnations of magic, none frighten more than the embodiment of death. she sees through the eyes of her vassals, speaks with their tongues, cuts threads with her many hands. they are everywhere; so too is she.

they who hold the card with no name are those who have crossed paths with death and walked away. though they may have felt this was a gift, life is never that simple. this encounter still claws away at them.

whether by accident, malediction, or choice, these oracles now move through the world with one hand in the grave.

this archetype’s story explores many dark themes: death, naturally; murder; suicide; trauma; loss; grief; and also, acceptance. only death is immortal, and through her, oracles live on.

they possess many strange talents, including countenance of truth, witch’s eye, and grave touch, while their aspect of the veil pulls back the curtain to the void.

players fascinated by the occult and morbid folklore may enjoy this force of inevitability, who at mastery can see beyond time, walk beyond shadows, and talk to death herself.

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