THE VIOLET SANCTION approaches characters asymmetrically, with a focus on shaping each archetype’s mechanics around a narrative. the game trades dice for a personal deck of cards which are altered as choices are made. each player traverses the episodic campaign with their own motives, their own choices, and their own consequences, cooperating with other players in a wide variety of ways.

in place of traditional experience points and levels, each character embarks on a solo adventure parallel to the game’s central campaign. this narrative begins immediately with character creation: these first choices determine ability, specialty, and circumstance

characters record this journey on a tri-fold folio, which opens and closes to reveal an aspect unique to each archetype. further exploration of the solo adventure unlocks potential, which when realized in the central campaign becomes mastery.

these game mechanics shape the journey through the story. the combination of talents brought to the table by all of the players will open new doors as characters develop their skills and relationships (with one another and with those beings encountered in the world). 

there is no wrong path. from all choices may be gleaned wisdom.

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