it’s almost time!

it sure has been a busy year: setting up a patreon, growing a small but steady social media presence, launching this website, curating a daily blog, officially licensing the company, game design, and, oh yea, building a kickstarter project for zinequest!

this doesn’t even include anything from my personal life, which has also been nonstop. i started a new job, which is honestly pretty exhausting, but in that way that motivates me to go home and want to make art.

now, it’s the day of the launch, and i’m going over all of the pieces one last time to make sure i’m ready. the main page of scaryridge has been updated to show the project launch, and writing a blog about it seemed appropriate.

i’ll keep it short and sweet, since it’s 2am and i’m just about ready to pass out…

but THE VIOLET SANCTION goes live at 9am! i am so incredibly excited by the progress i’ve made, and while i’m hopeful, i want to reign in my expectations just in case. if i bring in just one new fan, it’ll all have been worth it.

go ahead. click that image. back our kickstarter. learn the secrets of capitol hill!

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