a tabletop rpgabout rescuing poltergeists, fighting a dysfunctional bureaucracy, and coming to terms with oneself.
maximum recursion depth: the karmapunk rpg

goal: $500 / ends: sunday, december 13 2020 7:32p pst. / created by max cantor

maximum recursion depth

it’s been a while since the last post, and writing is not coming quite as easily as it used to! time to get back into the habit.

this game speaks to me in so many ways: the naming schema, the art, the monochrome pallet, the ludicrous and weirdness of it all. player characters traverse ‘the numberless courts of hell’ and investigate poltergeists with the intention of finding them better reincarnations. the setting features ‘dysfunctional bureaucracy’ that reminds me a bit of BEETLEJUICE’S imagining of afterlife.

the system is built on ELECTRIC BASTIONLAND – which i’ve not played yet – and adds a karma element: making attachments and resolving them; helping others; facing off against your own existence and failures. it feels rife with potential for engaging, complex, emotional stories that, while enrobed in dark elements, yearn for hope.

i’ll be getting a copy soon and will do another post down the line with my thoughts!

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