a 2-5 player, hidden movement game of clever deduction and teamwork. this game also introduces the new SHIFT system.

goal: $33,513 / ends: thursday, april 2, 2020 9:00p pst. / created by off the page games

there is a lot going on with this game. MIND MGMT features hidden movements, deduction, team work, dry erase, more components than most games i’ve played (wellllllll), and even sealed components akin to legacy games that are opened and added to the game after successful plays.

the retro psychedelic art style really comes to life with all of the assets: the map board, playing cards, pieces, and supplemental comics. every piece clearly hides detailed back story and innuendo, which i imagine is revealed slowly over the course of many, many sessions. the base game only, before stretch goals, has 10 sealed packages which add more content. it’s a really clever alternative to legacy mechanics that destroy or permanently alter game pieces.

the kickstarter itself is overwhelmingly intense. there are so much components to showcase that the project page is huge, after which are rather involved breakdowns of game mechanics. beyond all of this, there are almost a dozen videos and a ton of blurbs from reviewers. there’s even a live sample of the game being played in the comment section for backers.
it’s a lot to process. i could personally have done with a significantly truncated page, but the project has more than funded very rapidly, so i could be alone. it sure doesn’t seem to be hurting them any!

the only aspect of this game i question is the play time. 60 minutes seems optimistically short.

2 thoughts on “mind mgmt

  1. Hey thanks so much for your enthusiasm! I agree that the page is getting a bit long too. I wonder what I could cut out. I like to try to engage my backers so I have a Secret Mission happening and the live game – but maybe I should have spread those out. That would have helped. Oh well…maybe I should reduce the number of videos on the page??

    As for the play time – I can pretty much guarantee it won’t last longer than an hour! I have so much data from playtests and it’s never gone over!

    • that’s awesome; if you have the data, i trust you! playtime is just something i’ve found most often to be wildly unreliable information.

      i think the secret mission is a really engaging idea, very unique and creative. one option you could do is maybe move some (all but one or two even?) of the review videos to an update about reviews and playtesting feedback, which would also allow you to curate an update-specific comments section for just that. while it does mean backers will have to dig a bit in order to get to that info, it’s pretty likely that anyone willing to watch that many videos would already have to be pretty engaged with the project.

      just some ideas off the top of my head =)

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