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goal: $326 / ends: friday, march 13, 2020 pst. / created by steve hampson

while not a game, this project is in the same spirit as my own blog, so i wanted to give it a shout out for supporting the kickstarter games community!

this is the second issue, changing from a yearly issue to quarterly, which will cover successfully funded games projects from kickstarter for the designated time period. the first issue covered all of 2019, with 2709 total projects covered. the quarterly issues will cover ~700 projects each, depending on what launches of course. from there, it gives a breakdown of important details for the projects such as total number of backers and funding, web and social media links, type of project, and pledge tier totals.

it’s an invaluable tool for both new and continuing kickstarters, as well as for fans. this edition also features an updated format wherein each project is given the same amount of page space, no matter the total amount of funding, which i think adds credibility to the resource.

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