a gentle, low-stakes story game by ed turner & ash cheshire about arcane artisans who carefully repair & restore heirloom magic items.

goal: $150 / ends: saturday, march 7, 2020 2:06p pst. / created by ed turner & ash cheshire

Project image for The Magical Repair Shop

a zinequest project by ed turner, who’s other game, PROHIBITIONISTS, i also featured on the blog. joining in the creation of this game is ash cheshire; they’re churning out some really awesome looking content!

THE MAGICAL REPAIR SHOP is a cozy game without combat or monsters. instead, you’re a mage who works at a repair shop fixing broken magical artifacts through a narrative-driven system. there’s also a really clever “puzzle purse” folded-paper style character sheet that i absolutely adore, with amazing art on the outer faces.

i’m really looking forward to a light, relaxing playthrough of this game. it promises an experience that outside of zinequest, i rarely see.

funding expectation: low goal, but already funded nonetheless!

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