five portable euro-styled games that can be played solo or with others in 20 minutes.

goal: $33,483 / ends: friday, march 13, 2020 2:59p pst. / created by thundergryph games

thundergryph’s THE MATCHBOX COLLECTION brings together 5 small, quick euro-style games in one kickstarter project: 15 DAYS, EIYO, GOLEMS, SPACE LUNCH, and REBIS.

each game is brought to life by italian designers and the illustrators from thundergryph’s team, and the collection has great cohesion. all of the games can be played solo or 2-player in about 20 minutes, and the boxes are literally matchbox size so they’re easily carried. there’s even a travel case for all 5 available.

a quick breakdown of each game: in 15 DAYS, you’re collecting animal pawns for special abilities and completing sets of season cards to put the sun back into sync and bring order back to the natural world. EIYO casts you as a samurai strategically managing your weapons against hordes of enemies, while earning honour points toward victory. REBIS allows for up to 4 players; it’s a game of alchemy and transmutation. SPACE LUNCH is a food-based set-collecting, where your favorite sci-fantasy dishes will provide points if you can grab them up before your opponent. lastly, GOLEMS offers card collection with the variation that every card can be played in 2 ways.

the kickstarter itself is very well put together. there are rules and overview videos available for all of the games, incredibly detailed timelines for delivery and fulfillment, a history of successful projects (this is their 7th kickstarter), and really cool, totally viable stretch goals.

they’ve already funded by more than 300%, and the total is constantly rising!

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