become a doctor in the 1800’s, drunk as hell and curing plague and blood ghosts with cocaine and amputations!

goal: $2,904 / ends: thursday, march 12, 2020 11:28p pst. / created by half-monster games

inspired by a meme (what a world we live in), the players take the role of doctors in the 1800s. a party game with a bit of alchemy, cocaine, booze, leeches, blood ghosts, and a dash of cards against humanity. you’ll draw cards with “real conditions” diagnosed in the past, and have to use “genuine procedures” of the times to counter them. cards have symbols which much be matched in order to be argued, so there are mechanics beyond debate-scoring. and the ailments and treatments are, of course, absurd; the fact that they’re historically accurate really makes the game.

TRUST ME, I’M A DOCTOR utilizes public domain art to drive the theme home, and it works really well. this is their third game and second kickstarter, and they obviously know what they’re doing. they’ve got pledge tiers that showcase their previous works, as well as a plague doctor mask, which has pushed their funding over $20k already. with 6 days left, i think we’ll see this hit at least $30k.

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