a macabre tabletop rpg about children trying to survive in a haunted, abandoned city.

goal: $7,500 / ends: saturday, february 1 2020 7:00a pst. / created by david shugars/gmdk


here we have a relaunched kickstarter of a tabletop game translated from vivien féasson’s original french LIBRETÉ. as someone fascinated by linguistics and culture, the design behind both the game and the translation are tantalizing. recommended reading from the team’s own blog: EXPLORING LIBRETÉ: LOST (AND FOUND) IN TRANSLATION. i couldn’t possibly add to this post. it characterizes the amount of care that went into the value of the language being used in the game, to set the tone, to draw the world, to bring life to the characters.

from the perspective of the game, i’m in love. charming greyscale art on meticulously crafted layouts by designers who understand both form and function (really, go read all of their blog posts about the game; it’s all you need to fall in love with this project).

plus, i’m a seattlite. like, i love the rain. i love everything to do with the rain. i go out into rainstorms intentionally, and no, i don’t wear a hood or carry an umbrella. so a game that personifies water into the driving antagonistic force (the sirens of the storm; beautiful language) hits close to home. i also love fiction that explores adolescents on the cusp of adulthood; like HATCHET (dating myself) HUNGER GAMES, a necessary art is always born of the transition and struggles faced by each new generation.

the game itself is a modified version of POWERED BY THE APOCALYPSE, which i am ashamed to say i have not played. i’ve perused through various settings designed for it, but that’s research for another day. it certainly lends itself to intuitive, quick-to-play narratives, and is readily customized to unique settings.

there’s already a quick start guide for the game available to download. it showcases the brilliant design skills of the team, the theme, and the character archetypes. it feels incredibly easy to jump into.

regarding the kickstarter and this team, i am incredibly happy to see that they are lgbtq, poc, and marginalized-creator focused. inclusivity and accessibility are very important to scaryridge (i’m radical queer, non-binary/trans), and i’m so grateful that these voices are being heard.

if you only back one game from my blog, make it this one!

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