welcome to our daily kickstarter back-and-blog! 

this is a passion project born of 7+ years of fascination (and obsession) with kickstarter. i find myself on kickstarter almost every day, specifically the games category, studying what works, what doesn’t work, what gets people excited, what trends are up-and-coming.

with the advent of scaryridge, and knowing that our projects here will very likely find a home there, i decided to catalog my time on kickstarter in this blog. i will be posting my thoughts and support on current projects, on a daily basis, as well as reviews and unboxings as games fulfill or i get my hands on them.

check out our backer profile to see projects we’ve backed in the past!

see a game on kickstarter you’re excited about that i’ve somehow missed? shoot us an email or drop a comment!

games featured on our blog are backed by us through kickstarter. they do not pay for advertising in any way.

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