a worldbook zine written as the journal of oracles. accompanied by a playful rpg of solving mysteries.

goal: $450 / ends: monday, february 24, 2020 9:00a pst. / created by sarah rowan

Project image for ZineQuest: The Watching Book

the second kickstarter within the SOOTHSAYER universe, this zine is a diegetic artifact of the setting, which is always really awesome with fantasy if done well. the art style plays well into the composition and theme; i’m always enticed by fictional foliage and herbs. it not only adds flavor, but it realizes an aspect of worldbuilding that is too-often neglected by contemporary roleplaying. plant life is so valuable to breathing life (hah) into a campaign setting!

and the game is designed by a queer woman, so of course i’m going to support it! it’s time for queer stories to be heard!

funding expectation: almost there!

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