well, it was a crazy ~2 weeks, but THE VIOLET SANCTION is funded! 69 people showed their support with $958, and i appreciate everyone of them so much! this has all been such a wonderful learning experience, and while there’s a lot of work ahead of me, this really makes me feel great about the project!

i’ll post more updates as things move forward, of course, but for now, i’m going to wrap up my daily blog post and then take a well-earned break!

below you may find glimpses into my design process. some of these posts are drafts, some of them are polished works, others are vague musings. i often discuss inspirations: games, literature, movies, art in general.

as i am currently designing THE VIOLET SANCTION, many posts below will delve into the worldbuilding, game mechanics, characters, and mythos of that realm, but please take everything you read within that domain with a grain of salt. until the game is published, everything is subject to change.

red herrings are everywhere, and some secrets are just meant to obfuscate the truth.