an osr style setting, adventure, and 100 kinds of trash

goal: $600 / ends: tuesday, february 25, 2020 5:54a pst. / created by amanda franck

i love raccoons (and possums) so much. i feel like i’ve definitely said that before. the setting is a garbage barge within a fantasy framework, with the stories and details that spring forth from a fertile, underappreciated mass of discarded treasure. characters, which include raccoons (of which there are many pieces of art), are hired to work on the barge; adventure obviously ensues.

i’m so excited to see projects of this variety coming to life through zinequest: stories about themes not normally discussed; games that don’t have to boil down to number-crunching and combat; imagination games that call forth less-referenced senses. and it’s doing so well! i can’t wait to see future projects from this creator.

funding expectation: already funded and blowing through their stretch goals!

a #zinequest tabletop rpg about woodland animals building a home to withstand the seasons using the power of memories, food & community

goal: $1,500 / ends: thursday, february 27, 2020 2:00p pst. / created by kate jeanne

this looks like an amazing project: a game about a community of woodland animals working together to survive, thrive, and be better. the game incorporates a feast, which i think is so underutilized in roleplaying. the bards of society have always taken up the mantle around the fire and the passing of food, before settling in for a story. every game could use more of this.

the game by a small team with queer and female representation, and tells a story that isn’t told enough. i imagine i’ll want to hack this game to incorporate it into camping. the art is also so cute, especially since i love opossums.

funding expectation: i’d love to see them hit the $3,000 stretch goal, at which point they’ll add 10 recipes to the gamebook!

an anthology collecting 12 unique role play games created by elizabeth chaipraditkul & steffie de vaan over the course of 2019.

goal: $3,329 / ends: monday, february 10, 2020 7:04a pst. / created by angry hampster publishing

Project image for 2 Women | 12 Games | Make 100

how could i not blog about this project! 2 women designing 12 games over the course of 2019, anthologized: self-identifying as “macabre, weird, and very often the cute,” there’s a lot packed in here!

there’s a game about wonderland, post-alice; a diceless game about unicorns that uses coloring as a mechanic (what!); one honoring the dutch heroines (and their descendents) of world war 2; a post-apocalyptic letter-writing game; a digital-avatar anti-capitalism exploration…all 12 of the games in the anthology sound fascinating.

i always support projects by women, so this is a really great discovery. they used patreon to generate the projects, which is a route i’d love to explore with scaryridge as it grows, so i’ll be following along with their journey there too.

the kickstarter itself is very informative. it details the project, the individual games, their team, the development, and (to a lesser extent) the fulfillment (but i’m not worried about this because of their experience).

and omfg, that cover art!

funding expectation: already funded when i found it (and it launched today!). having a well-established patreon and following definitely helps with these kinds of projects, especially since most projects see the bulk of their funding in the first and last 48 hours!