take on the role of a half-forgotten god and compete for reverence in this deeply immersive area control game.

goal: $42,242 / ends: tuesday, march 31, 2020 3:59p pst. / created by ministry of meeples

a beautiful produced area control game for 2-6 players, packed with fantastic art and assets, including tarot-sized monster cards, detailed map hexagon tiles, cool tokens, and tons of meeples (makes sense, given their company’s name!). you take on the role of a mythological deity, with unique powers, monsters to summon, and miracles to perform, trying to gain faithful followers. i especially like aeoris, god of time, who is able to manipulate the discard pile.

THEURGY has three victory conditions, all revolving around building temples: becoming the official faith, partly by placing your temple in the capital; fulfilling your calling by completing a hidden objective; or by spreading across the land by building many temples, based on the total number of players. this is done through one of four actions on each turn, with the caveat that they may not take the same action on their next turn. the different actions consist of sending out your followers, spreading word of your religion, divine intervention, and testing the faiths of the land. the inability to take the same action twice in a row is a very cool strategic twist.

the game also has no dice (NO DICE!), which is huge to me. i don’t often enjoy strategy games of this type because of too-random elements, and i hate dice in general. instead, the variety of deity powers, over 30 monsters with unique abilities, and the random selection of capital event and miracle cards, give the game replay and unpredictability within a structure of true strategy.

this is a very well executed project. the game appears to be thoroughly tested, reviews suggest it is incredibly well balanced, the assets, again, are spectacular, and everything feels accounted for. i have no doubt this game will fund and fulfill, and i definitely look forward to playing it when it does!