a clever light puzzle game for 2 to 4 players brought to you by the creative team of cat rescue and cat sudoku.

goal: $3,000 / ends: friday, april 10, 2020 11:59p pst. / created by sunrise tornado game studio

being in the heart of seattle, between coronavirus and the politics of everything, today has been quite crazy. i had the day off work, and took a chunk of time to go out to the middle of nowhere for a hike. it felt really nice to get into nature, turn off my phone, and decompress, even at the expense of any of my other responsibilities. overall, i think it was vital, and i don’t regret it. however, i will be keeping this blog short because of the well-needed mental health break.

CLEOCATRA is a super cute cat-themed puzzle game by the creators of CAT RESCUE and CAT SUDOKU, two other super cute cat-themed puzzle games! the goal is to save cats from pyramids, which involves placing triangular cat cards down on the table then moving cats and rescuers strategically. the art by kaiami is obviously core to the project AND SO ADORABLE!

it looks to be a pretty quick, light game, which to be completely honest is exactly what i could use right now!