an rpg zine about angels and demons falling in love with earth and maybe each other.

goal: $1,500 / ends: friday, february 28, 2020 9:45a pst. / created by atlas

Project image for Heaven Has No Taste; And Other True Statements

inspired by GOOD OMENS, this is a game of angels and demons abandoning their posts. the game foregos a game master, with players following compelling story lines out of their own curiosity. it’s designed within the BELONGING WITHOUT BELONGING game system and has no dice (obviously i love!). with a move system driving the narrative, characters are expected to make mistakes and then learn from them.

the cover art, like the creative team, is super queer and amazing, and the 7 character roles are very well thought out. i would likely play as freedom, “independent…defiant, uncompromising, and actively considerate.”

looking forward to watching as this design team grows and releases more content!

funding expectation: a ways to go, but off to a good start! zinequest is slowing down a bit now that it’s the middle of the month, but i think it’ll fund!

a #zinequest tabletop rpg about woodland animals building a home to withstand the seasons using the power of memories, food & community

goal: $1,500 / ends: thursday, february 27, 2020 2:00p pst. / created by kate jeanne

this looks like an amazing project: a game about a community of woodland animals working together to survive, thrive, and be better. the game incorporates a feast, which i think is so underutilized in roleplaying. the bards of society have always taken up the mantle around the fire and the passing of food, before settling in for a story. every game could use more of this.

the game by a small team with queer and female representation, and tells a story that isn’t told enough. i imagine i’ll want to hack this game to incorporate it into camping. the art is also so cute, especially since i love opossums.

funding expectation: i’d love to see them hit the $3,000 stretch goal, at which point they’ll add 10 recipes to the gamebook!