an rpg zine about angels and demons falling in love with earth and maybe each other.

goal: $1,500 / ends: friday, february 28, 2020 9:45a pst. / created by atlas

Project image for Heaven Has No Taste; And Other True Statements

inspired by GOOD OMENS, this is a game of angels and demons abandoning their posts. the game foregos a game master, with players following compelling story lines out of their own curiosity. it’s designed within the BELONGING WITHOUT BELONGING game system and has no dice (obviously i love!). with a move system driving the narrative, characters are expected to make mistakes and then learn from them.

the cover art, like the creative team, is super queer and amazing, and the 7 character roles are very well thought out. i would likely play as freedom, “independent…defiant, uncompromising, and actively considerate.”

looking forward to watching as this design team grows and releases more content!

funding expectation: a ways to go, but off to a good start! zinequest is slowing down a bit now that it’s the middle of the month, but i think it’ll fund!

a #zinequest tabletop rpg about woodland animals building a home to withstand the seasons using the power of memories, food & community

goal: $1,500 / ends: thursday, february 27, 2020 2:00p pst. / created by kate jeanne

this looks like an amazing project: a game about a community of woodland animals working together to survive, thrive, and be better. the game incorporates a feast, which i think is so underutilized in roleplaying. the bards of society have always taken up the mantle around the fire and the passing of food, before settling in for a story. every game could use more of this.

the game by a small team with queer and female representation, and tells a story that isn’t told enough. i imagine i’ll want to hack this game to incorporate it into camping. the art is also so cute, especially since i love opossums.

funding expectation: i’d love to see them hit the $3,000 stretch goal, at which point they’ll add 10 recipes to the gamebook!

a print run for the short zine game procession!

goal: $500 / ends: friday, february 21, 2020 4:00a pst. / created by zargo games

Project image for Procession: A Zine RPG #ZineQuest2

featuring the incredibly bizarre drawings (seriously, there’s a turkey in a beer barrel that may be some sort of chimera) of wendel dietterlin the younger (what a great name), an obscure 17th century german artist, PROCESSION is a short, single player game about community. you play as the setting itself, and the monsters that move through it. the game takes its name from one of wendel’s pieces, PROCESSION OF MONSTROUS FIGURES, and shows how the influences of art echo through time immemorial.

the creator is non-binary; shout-out to the queers!

funding expectation: about half way there with half the time to go, so if you’re reading this, please go support them!


it’s almost time!

it sure has been a busy year: setting up a patreon, growing a small but steady social media presence, launching this website, curating a daily blog, officially licensing the company, game design, and, oh yea, building a kickstarter project for zinequest!

this doesn’t even include anything from my personal life, which has also been nonstop. i started a new job, which is honestly pretty exhausting, but in that way that motivates me to go home and want to make art.

now, it’s the day of the launch, and i’m going over all of the pieces one last time to make sure i’m ready. the main page of scaryridge has been updated to show the project launch, and writing a blog about it seemed appropriate.

i’ll keep it short and sweet, since it’s 2am and i’m just about ready to pass out…

but THE VIOLET SANCTION goes live at 9am! i am so incredibly excited by the progress i’ve made, and while i’m hopeful, i want to reign in my expectations just in case. if i bring in just one new fan, it’ll all have been worth it.

go ahead. click that image. back our kickstarter. learn the secrets of capitol hill!

deep nightly fathoms is an rpg exploring dark dreamscapes inspired by the beautiful engravings of xix century artist gustave doré.

goal: $803 / ends: monday, february 24, 2020 10:59a pst. / created by trinity knot studio

Project image for ZineQuest2 - Deep Nightly Fathoms

a dark, dreamscape rpg inspired by a 19th century artist whose work is simply haunting. fantastical, surreal, and horror elements come together to shape the game’s setting, the kingdom of night. the black and white printing is certainly apropos.

the game runs with a dream master and 1-2 players, which feels like an intimate premise. it’s been a while since i’ve played a game designed for so few, but there’s also optional rules for expanding to a larger group.

beyond the art, the writing is incredibly evocative. it’s a game of exploration and discovery in a land where everything eventually fades to oblivion. there are some very cool stretch goals for expanding the games components, such as landmark cards and an app, both of which seem likely to be unlocked.

funding expectation: already funded!

a worldbook zine written as the journal of oracles. accompanied by a playful rpg of solving mysteries.

goal: $450 / ends: monday, february 24, 2020 9:00a pst. / created by sarah rowan

Project image for ZineQuest: The Watching Book

the second kickstarter within the SOOTHSAYER universe, this zine is a diegetic artifact of the setting, which is always really awesome with fantasy if done well. the art style plays well into the composition and theme; i’m always enticed by fictional foliage and herbs. it not only adds flavor, but it realizes an aspect of worldbuilding that is too-often neglected by contemporary roleplaying. plant life is so valuable to breathing life (hah) into a campaign setting!

and the game is designed by a queer woman, so of course i’m going to support it! it’s time for queer stories to be heard!

funding expectation: almost there!

gm’s guide for a chaotic retro-punk playlist based tabletop rpg.

goal: $1,080 / ends: thursday, february 20, 2020 11:26a pst. / created by john g. compton

Project image for Casette Tape Riot Vol. 0 (Zine Quest 2)

this game resonates with me so much, as a writer, as a designer, as a gamer, as an anarchist. it’s set in an alternate 90s, “where you patrol the streets in search of cheap beer, live shows, and fights.” i’m unsure in what way this 90s is alternate at all. i hope for magic, but that’s not implied anywhere.

CASETTE TAPE RIOT has an episodic nature, and this is volume 0 (my own zinequest is also for the prologue to an episodic adventure!). the game revolves around music playlists, a fascinating mechanism that also really works for me. it’s a very normal part of my process to shape and outline projects around musical themes. combine this with the charm of the character sheets and sticky-notes-as-inventory that i anticipate will outlive playtesting and you have a project with the kind of retro/analog appeal that zinequest is suited to generate.

but also, for fuck’s sake, unless it’s a deliberate anti-capitalist statement, get a god damn website!

funding expectation: i’m really hoping this game gets funded! it’s the only project that i’ve gotten to well before it’s goal but i’m hopeful!

orchid hunting in the victorian era – a tabletop rpg for zine quest

goal: $515 / ends: saturday, february 22, 2020 12:22p pst. / created by luke earl

Project image for Orchidelirium

here we have a project with an absurd plot: hunting rare orchids in 1865 for a company called j. carmichael & associates. absolutely delicious. the flavor of the setting is just so compelling.

the game utilizes playing cards, so of course my curiosity is piqued, and the art work is gorgeous. there are two additional chapters to the game planned, expanding on the universe, and it feels like the kind of intellectual property that will…blossom…in the future into a larger piece. can’t wait to see how this bizarre premise plays out!

funding expectation: another zine i’m sure will fund promptly!

a tiny role-playing game about heroic destiny and tragic fate — played without pen or paper!

goal: $600 / ends: friday, february 21, 2020 6:27a pst. / created by plastic idolatry

Project image for Vanquisher

a tiny ruleset paperless 2d6 rpg featuring a compelling challenge mechanic. daring, bold, and desperate actions with a cost of hubris all resolved with single rolls. and the cover art is magnificent!

funding expectation: almost there!