follow the rumors, fend off pirates, and navigate through storms–all in the hopes of beating your opponents to fame and fortune.

goal: $26,500 / ends: thursday, april 9, 2020 10:45p pst. / created by kazoodoo games

so, life has been pretty rough here in seattle. i work in the food industry, and we’re seeing dramatic losses in wages and scores of businesses are closing. it’s been emotionally exhausting. there are a lot of consequences to the coronavirus that are going to ripple through the city for the foreseeable future. i am trying my best to keep to my normal routines, but it’s really difficult. i will probably next week off from the blog, just to recharge.

until then, i’m going to give what i can, and showcase SALT & SAIL. my apologies for not being able to give this #backandblog more time or energy, as i do believe it deserves it!

a game of discovery and adventure on the high seas, players will navigate rumors across a hex-board and face off against challenges and obstacle, like storms and pirates!

the game book allows for customization of maps based on number of players and desired length of play. the art is gorgeous and thematic. kazoodoo has kickstarted successful games in the past, and the production values here show. they’re about 2/3 of the way funded with more than enough time to hit their goal!