a simple yet addictive card game of deception and strategy

goal: $9,000 / ends: thursday, april 2, 2020 8:58a pst. / created by sina yeganeh

here we have a game about royal assassinations, where cards are played on each other progressively higher, with special abilities for different cards and some ways to reset the count when cornered. it sounds like it will play out similarly to hugo kawamata’s/button shy’s HIERARCHY, but for up to 4 players instead of 1-2. there are some similarities in art style, color choice, and rules that suggest perhaps this game has drawn heavily on the latter. judged on its own, the game has fantastic art.

i’m curious about THE IMPOSTER KINGS but feel that the kickstarter could be polished up quite a bit. the subtitle of the game, THE NERSETTI ARCHIVES, feels tacked on needlessly; i believe subtitles rarely add value unless they’re in pre-established intellectual properties or canon. to make it worse, while nersetti is the name of the setting, the word “archive” doesn’t even appear anywhere else in the project.

there’s a lot of flavor text that honestly adds little, other than to justify that the game can be played out in a best-of-7 scenario, and feels like it could have used some editing down. i don’t imagine the text will play much part in the game itself, so it probably won’t matter anyway.

they also make the mistake of stating that there aren’t many risks to the project, which is never true. take this project with a grain of salt. it’s brought in a lot of money very quickly, which i attribute to the beautiful art and straight-forward rules, so i’m sure it will fund. there’s enough proof of concept that i’m also sure it will be produced, but i wouldn’t hold my breath on it fulfilling by the projected date. that’s okay though, this is their first kickstarter project and there are always lessons to be learned.